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55 rue Oberkampf - Paris XI
In June 2012, Pierre Sang opened his first restaurant. Here, the chef cooks up a unique tasting menu that changes every fortnight. Get ready to enjoy a wealth of flavours and textures. French cuisine techniques mingle with Korean influences; an alliance based on the chef's background.
Fresh, seasonal produce, sourced in the nearby shops and markets, are central to the dishes.
As a true wine afficionado, Pierre Sang will be pleased to introduce you to a wide range of bottles, from illustrious grand-crus to affordable gems or incredible natural wines.
Here, kids under the age of 8 eat for free
6 rue Gambey - Paris XI
In 2014, Pierre Sang opens his second restaurant, a few steps away from his first address. This location quickly became quite a reference in French-Korean gastronomy.
We hope you will appreciate the warm and intimate feeling emanating from this setting, emotions that perfectly match Pierre Sang's love of sharing and conviviality. The open kitchen will allow you to observe the simmering dishes and hard-working chefs.
Wines abound here and match the exquisite dishes. The wine list is filled with gems (Grand-Crus, Natural wines, Organic, Small parcels, etc.)
Here, kids under the age of 8 eat for free
8 rue Gambey - Paris XI
Our newest restaurant!
Discover our chef's 'signature' dishes. From French classics to more interpretative takes, we hope you'll enjoy the whole menu.
This restaurant seats 12 guests, reservation highly advised!
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A dinner at the chef's table, located on the top floor of Pierre Sang on Gambey, is a journey to the core of his French-Korean roots; a unique and exclusive evening.
The Origin room is perfect for parties from 6 to 10 people. You will savour the Origin menu, an 8 course treat (88€ per person)

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Pierre Sang invites you to his cooking classes to further your understanding of his cuisine.
Amateurs, professionals, between colleagues, as a couple, the whole family, alone or with friends; for anyone willing to uncover some of the chef's secrets will enjoy a culinary voyage through his cooking universe.

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A table for 10 colleagues, a diner cocktail for 60 clients or even a wedding for 100 guests..? Our restaurants, by the variety of their settings, and thanks to our chefs' and front-of-house staff's flexibility, can welcome all your parties and functions.!
A quick look at each restaurant's seating places:
Oberkampf: 24 guests in our vaulted cellar (2 tables of 12 persons). 16 guests at the bar. 40 guests for the entire restaurant.
Gambey: 35 guests or 25 guests for the ground floor only.
Signature: 12 seated, 30 standing.

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